Rent To Buy

Up-beat Tuition offers a rent-to-buy payment plan for pupils who are learning an instrument in a school where Up-beat teaches. (If we do not currently teach in your child’s school and you would like to take up the opportunity of rent-to-buy, please contact Up-beat as we may still be able to help.)

All our rent-to-buy plans are based over 6 months, but we can be flexible to suit your needs if required. (Maximum rent-to-buy period is 12 months).

Rent To Buy Example Plan

Rent To Buy Example Plan

Ashton Violin AV Rent-to-buy – Total price £90.00 (6 month plan)

Your payment plan will include:

  • Initial three month rental – £30.00 (Including delivery to your child’s school for their first lesson).
  • After the initial three months – £20.00 p/m (until end of the agreement).
Rent To Buy Terms and Conditions

Rent To Buy Terms and Conditions

  1. Minimum rent-to-buy term is 3 months. Maximum rent-to-buy term is 12 months. After your agreement ends, you will own the instrument.
  2.  At any time you may return the instrument and cease your rent-to-buy agreement. No refunds will be given for payments already made.
  3.  You are responsible for keeping the instrument in good condition and for any breakages including strings. String replacement should be carried out either by a reputable instrument retailer or by your instrument tutor. We recommend that you insure the instrument against damage. If the instrument is damaged beyond repair then you will be liable for the full price of the instrument less 75% of the rental paid.
  4. If you default on the rental payments you will be charged the full retail price of the instrument. If your financial circumstances change and you have difficulty with repayments please email us so that we can come to an alternative arrangment.
  5. When you wish to terminate the rental agreement you must contact us informing of the termination and return / arrange collection of the instrument including all accessories as soon as possible.

Once all the payments have been made you will of course, own the instrument. If you then wish to upgrade your instrument to a larger size, we may be able to offer a trade-in.

If you would like to take advantage of this scheme please contact Up-beat for a tailor made rent-to-buy option that is suited to you.

For information, please do contact us – / Mobile: 07834 628470